AUGUST 9  2022

Meeting Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM — via Zoom
Zoom Meeting

Our LACS August 9 general meeting will be different from our usual ones. Instead of a single speaker, you can meet more of our members and participate more.

We hope to have mini-presentations by members, and lots of questions and answers about any PC or smartphone hardware and software technical issues.  You can share about things you like or dislike, what you might try or purchase next, how to get help, etc.

We are looking for members who might like to introduce others to an interesting program or website(s). We may do some online surveys. You may meet members who share your hobby or interest – and be able to continue to pursue your interest with them as we did in our SIGs.

If you want to make a significant presentation with screenshots, please let us know via email or phone. Stephanie and Leah will try to do a practice talk with you the previous week so that we can time it, avoid technical issues and organize the meeting somewhat.

Everyone: Please calendar the meeting and THINK now about what you might say, however briefly, or in response to a survey. What are your favorite programs? Websites? Computer-related publications? Organizations? Companies? Technical problems we might help you to solve? Computer-related pet peeves?

If enough of you like this kind of meeting, we could do it again or on a schedule. Feel free to invite your friends and relatives to this meeting.

Guests may ask for the link to the meeting by sending an email before August 7 to

Or you may use the Google Voice number 1-424-261-6251. 


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