Meeting Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM – Via Zoom
Socializing and Questions & Answers: 6:30 – 7:00

Topic: Making Your TV Smart

Speaker: Hewie Poplock, member of APCUG’s Speakers Bureau

Anyone who has a fairly fast internet connection and a TV can have Smart TV streaming channels that provide lots of entertainment and information. Newer TVs have built-in smartness. Older TVs need inexpensive hardware like a Roku  device or an Amazon firestick. Then you create accounts (free or not) with companies that provide the TV or movies you want to see. You can use cable or satellite TV services and other providers on the same TV. He will introduce you to the websites of various channels. Their software helps you to find the programs you want. You can watch programs on many devices –computers, iPads, smartphones, etc. You can create watchlists and use a DVR. Hewie will tell you how this works and answer your questions. After his Smart TV talk, Hewie will show you other free ways you can learn about computers online.

Meet Our Presenter

Hewie is a former APCUG Vice President and has for many years led the Windows SIG of the Central Florida Computer Society. He has a great website (www.hewie.net) and many YouTube videos. In 1982 Hewie attended his first (Osborne) user group meeting armed with a yellow legal pad and 21 questions. Although only four of them were addressed, he knew that computer user groups were an invaluable source of help, information and friendship. He has been active in the user group movement ever since. He is part of Tech for Seniors.

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