TUESDAY May 11, 2021
L.A. Computer Society (LACS) MEETING
PLACE: Your Home
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM  Meeting, Speaker, Q&A
6:30 to 7:00: Socializing , Questions, and Practice Using Zoom

Our  meeting, like previous meetings, will be held remotely by Zoom to protect everyone from COVID-19. LACS members on our email lists will receive an invitation two or three days before the meeting. Other people may attend, but they need to RSVP and be approved first for security reasons. Please send your full name and email address to < > by May 9. We will email you the link to this Zoom meeting. To join LACS, go to 

Topic:       Audiobooks
Speaker:   Hewie Poplock, APCUG Speakers Bureau

Many people, especially seniors, are finding more free time while confined to their homes. One technology that is not often considered is audiobooks. Reading becomes more difficult as we age. Listening to someone read has become very accessible. There are many ways to get professionally read books for free, inexpensively, or by subscription. Hewie Poplock gives a brief background and then provides ways to find thousands of audiobooks. He will also provide a few sample excerpts of books to illustrate the quality of audiobooks.

Meet Our Presenter

Hewie Poplock is a member of two computer and technology user groups in  Florida. He attended his first user group meeting in 1982 and has been active in the user group movement ever since. He likes to help computer users, especially seniors, and he gives back much of what he has learned. You might want to check out his website and the Tech for Seniors classes at

 If you want to attend, and you are not a member of LACS, please send your full name and email address to < > by April 11. You will be sent the link to the Zoom meeting by email.

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