The Connected Car

Speaker: John Hayes, Vice President, Al & Ed’s Autosound

Most people who live in Southern California depend on a car, truck or SUV to get around. Many people spend hours every day in their vehicle. They do not know that their vehicle can be adapted to be safer, more convenient, and more fun to drive. Technological advances available in new cars today can be added to older vehicles, bringing them up to speed with the newest advances. John Haynes will inform you of the key things you can do to any vehicle to make it safer, to connect to your smartphone, and to make it more enjoyable to drive. From accident-avoidance systems to reverse cameras to parking assist sensors to Apple CarPlay, and to wireless charging: everything new in cars can be yours.


Meet Our Presenter

John Haynes has been in the mobile electronics industry for 28 years, and he is an expert on aftermarket mobile electronics technology. John has been a featured speaker at many industry events and training. He has been a resource to local television, radio, and other media providers, and was featured for four seasons on NBC’s “Whipnotic” television series with host, Mario Solis. As the Vice President of Al & Ed’s corporation, John is responsible for product selection, company operations, and marketing for their 15-store retail chain, as well as overseeing their wholesale distribution company.

Al & Ed’s Autosound, established in 1954. is the longest running mobile electronics specialist in the world, and has brought many new products and technologies to market. With fifteen stores serving Southern California, Al & Ed’s has a multi-generational relationship with thousands of SoCal clients.

November 13 2018
7:30 to 9:00 P.M.
Westchester United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall
8065 Emerson Ave.
Westchester, CA 90045

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