Meeting Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM — via Zoom
Zoom Meeting

Topic: Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) and Alternatives to Free Software        

Speaker: John Kennedy, 

Member of the East-Central Ohio Technology User Club and the APCUG Speakers Bureau; APCUG Advisor for Regions 3 and 6.

As a retired school teacher on a fixed income, “Free John” learned about many alternative free, high quality and available programs that do your everyday computing tasks. Many free programs are cross-platform: they have versions for Windows, Macs, and Linux. So, it is easy to share files with almost anyone. John does almost everything on the computer with free and open source software including Linux. He says, “If you don’t come away from this presentation with a number of programs to check out, you must have snoozed or stepped away during the meeting.” He will provide a page of links to get this free software.

About Our Presenter:

John taught elementary school for 25 years and then computer skills to middle school students for 10 years. During those years, he learned about and taught the Linux operating system. Since retiring he has spent his time teaching local senior citizen computer classes and speaking to many internet, conference and APCUG audiences. John spends many hours trying to help Windows and Linux users with their computer problems. He manages the APCUG Zoom Account, hosting many of the APCUG’s Wednesday Workshops and Saturday Safaris. John got his feet wet with computers in the early 80’s with the purchase of his first Atari 400 personal computer. It was followed by more Ataris, mainline Windows computers and three PCs using Linux that he built after his retirement.

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