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LACS mail lists are one of the benefits of membership. All are hosted by Yahoo Groups and are private, i.e. not listed in their public directory. To foster and promote courtesy, LACS members are subject to the following: Etiquette Rules & Guidelines.

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The primary mail lists are LACSLIST and LACSPC:

  1. LACSLIST: For computer-related messages from members, e.g. requests for help or questions about a program or a piece of equipment, or a note commenting about a neat program. This list is not moderated. Messages are archived. Attached files are removed for security reasons; if a file is attached, it will be replaced with the following notice: [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
  2. LACSPC: For LACS business only, e.g. SIG, General, and special meeting announcements, notices for a new User Friendly. This list is moderated, i.e. every message is reviewed for acceptability before it is released. Messages are archived. Attached files are permitted.

Within a few days of becoming an LACS member, you will be sent invitations to subscribe to the above mailing lists. If you do not receive these invitations, send a message with your name and Yahoo ID, if you have one, in the body of the message to:

Other LACS Mail Lists

In alphabetical order:

  1. LACSFOTO – Digital Photo SIG: For LACS Digital Photo SIG members to share with and help one another.
  2. LACSGENE – Genealogy: For members wishing to share information, resources, techniques, and anecdotes pertaining to Genealogical and Family History Research.
  3. LACSMISC – Miscellaneous: For members to share *non-computer* related topics with one another.

To subscribe, send your request with your name and your Yahoo ID, if you have one, in the body of the message to:

There are also mail lists for the Board of Directors, the Culver City Senior Center volunteers, and the coordination of equipment movement between General and SIG meetings.

Sending Messages

To send a message to LACSLIST use:

To send a message to LACSPC use:

Alternate addresses???

Replying to Messages

When replying to a LACS mail list message, use the Reply button on your email agent, i.e. web mail or mail program. After clicking this button the screen will show a To box with two email addresses, the Sender, and’s or another of our mail list addresses. Select one address by deleting the other. Before sending your reply, always check the contents of the To field to ensure what you intended is actually there.

Message Delivery Settings

You can change the message delivery settings by email. Using LACSLIST as an example:

  • Normal – Change message delivery to individual emails.
    Send blank message to:
  • No Mail – Change message delivery to no email (vacation stop). All messages are available in the message archives (available only on-line; a Yahoo ID required).
    Send a blank message to:
  • Digest – Change message delivery to a single message that contains all the individual messages sent the preceding day in a single message.
    Send a blank message to:
  • Unsubscribe – Unsubscribe from a mailing list.
    Send a blank message:
    NOTE: After sending an ‘unsubscribe’ message, Yahoo Groups will send a confirmation message to which you must reply in order for the ‘unsubscribe’ to take effect. It may take up to 72 hours for email to stop.

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Yahoo ID

Q: What is a Yahoo ID?
A: A Yahoo ID is a Yahoo UserName ( that allows you to access all of Yahoo’s personalized services. With a Yahoo ID you can use all of the Yahoo Groups mail list tools, Click Here.

  • How to get a Yahoo ID, Click Here
    When supplying the required information, you’re strongly encouraged to answer questions in a way which maximizes your privacy.  When selecting a birthday, make sure that you are over 21. You will be asked to supply a cell phone number and an alternate email address. This is done in case you forget your password, etc. After you are registered, you can change the cell phone number and alternate email address.To complete the registration Yahoo will send you a message; you must reply, either by sending a ‘normal’ reply or by clicking on the confirmation link within the message.
  • How to link your Yahoo ID and mail lists, Click Here.
  • Change your personal email address in a group, Click Here.

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For users with a Yahoo ID.

How to Sign In to Yahoo Groups: Click Here and hit the Sign In button; enter your Yahoo ID and Yahoo password.

  1. Access Archive – You can search the message archive of each LACS mail list. In addition you can download files from the Files area of the mail list.
  2. Participate in Polls – You can vote in Polls. As long as the poll is open, you you can change your vote.
  3. Posting from an alternate address – You have an option to post a message to a Yahoo! Groups hosted mail list from an email address other then one where you receive your messages, Click Here and follow the directions.
  4. Changing your mail delivery address – To change the address where you get your mail list messages, Click Here and follow the directions.When you change your e-mail address, please let us know:

    DOC – Fill In & Print: Click Here.
    PDF – Print & Fill In: Click Here.

  5. Account Bouncing – If you aren’t getting your mail list messages, Yahoo Groups may have temporarily disabled your account. Why? Because a group message sent to your email address was returned as undeliverable (“bouncing”). One common reason is that your mail box is full. When your account is disabled, any message you send will be rejected; later Yahoo Groups will try to see if your address is still bouncing messages. After a few unsuccessful tries they will send you a message with a link. When you reply to the message or click on the link, your account will be reactivated shortly.
    Instructions at: Click Here.

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Special Notices

    • August 7, 2013: Yahoo! Groups who host our mail lists rolled out a web-interface redesign named “neo”. Many users have taken to the Help Forum to voice their dissatisfaction with this change, particularly in regards to lost features. It has been reported that “46,000 people had clicked on the vote button to demand a return to the ‘prior format that WORKS!'” Yahoo representatives have started to address a small number of the complaints that have been voiced. As a result of the changes resulting from the “neo” interface, some items in this section were no longer valid. Several have been updated and we are striving to update the remainder. If you find something on this page needing attention, go to Help.  Sometimes Yahoo Groups changes/relocates how/where to do things without updating the associated Help page. If you run into that, look for a gear shaped icon and click it. Often times you can find where to make your account change.

  • May 8, 2014: To thwart email address spoofing, Yahoo Groups changed their DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) service policy, Click here. Now LACS mail list message are shown as being sent on behalf of the user, e.g.This change also affects how you reply because if you use the From address, your reply will be sent to the mail list, not the person who sent the message. For how to reply information go to the Replying to Messages section, Click here.

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If you have a problem with a LACS mail list that you cannot resolve, send a message to:

Comments and suggestions about this web page are welcome.

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