April 2016 Program

 General Meeting Program
April 12, 2016

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) at Google
                         Presented by:  Blair Zajac, Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

Blair will introduce us to the inner workings of how the Site Reliability Engineering April Gen Meeting Blair Zajacteam at Google provides the software expertise responsible for ensuring that all of Google’s services always function at their designed capability.

The SREs maintain the stability, reliability and performance of Google’s services while enabling the agility that the company’s developers need to make feature changes frequently, every day if necessary.

Blair has a B.S. in Physics from University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Caltech. However, after graduating, he strayed into the internet / technology space (e.g. GeoCities!, Akamai, Yahoo!) where he remains. He was also an architect at Sony Pictures Imageworks and for the past two years has been managing a security-related Site Reliability Engineering team at Google’s Los Angeles office.


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