February 2016 Program

 General Meeting Program
February 9, 2016

Population Growth and Climate Change

Presenter: William A. Selby,
Professor of Geography and Earth Science,
Santa Monica College

Advancing technologies have allowed us to gather clear and convincing evidence of trends in climate change and population growth that are impacting Earth and its inhabitants. Using abundant and objective scientific evidence, it is obvious that human populations are growing and climate change is accelerating, creating greater impacts and a mounting list of challenges that we must confront. We will use the scientific method to track some of the latest trends in demographics and climate change from local to global scales and to consider what will happen next in a world that is changing faster by the day. Armed with so many advanced communication technologies capable of sharing this data, why are so many people still ignorant about these trends? Come share your own facts and links from reliable sources that might help us understand these problems that may not be as complex as they seem, but represent serious threats to the quality of our living/working environments and even to our future survival on this planet. What actions can we take to ensure a more promising future?

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