Jan 2017 Program

Favorite Utility Programs
Speaker: Jim Mc Knight, LACS Director

Jim will present some of his favorite utility programs that can benefit the regular PC us-er. He will discuss, demonstrate and answer your questions. PC utilities can make your computer run faster, be more secure, be less cluttered, and help solve technical problems. Many utilities are free or low-cost. He will cover as many of these utilities as time permits:

 Moo0 System Analyzer: Find the bottleneck in your slow PC.
 SpeedFan: Periodically check out how hot your PC is running.
 CrystalDiskInfo: See if your hard drive is showing signs of eminent failure.
 CCleaner: See the many new functions that this old reliable cleaner program has added.
 Icon Restorer: Automatically put the Desktop Icons back in place after they go nuts.
Jim worked for the IBM Corporation for 38 years. He in-stalled, diagnosed and repaired a variety of room-size data center computer systems. After retirement, Jim started play-ing around with PC’s. This hobby took him to LACS where he put his technical writing and diagnostic skills to use by teaching and assisting members, ultimately resulting in his Website at www.jimopi.net. Jim offers all his articles, tips, and guides free of charge, as well as providing free PC ser-Analyst



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