Jan 2018 Program



Dr. Ronald Brown
Program Director, Silvercom Computer and Technology Club, Mesa Arizona
Dr. Ron Brown will tell us about Google
After discussing and illustrating the history of photography, Dr. Brown will tell us about Google Photos, which has replaced Picasa as Google’s offering in this field. It is FREE and comes in computer and smartphone apps for many platforms. It has a billion users, and 1.2 billion photos are uploaded each day. It’s like a shoe box full of photos, but you can easily find a specific photo.
It’s easy-to-use with unlimited storage at little or no cost.
Dr. Brown will cover these topics and more, and he will include a hands-on demonstration:

  •  Do you need a backup strategy?
  •  How to sync your photos?
  •  Who can see your photos?
  •  How do they get archived after death?
Meet Our Presenter
Dr. Brown received his M.D. degree from the University
of Alberta in 1976. After service as a military flight surgeon, he started a Family Practice on Vancouver Island
and bought an interest in a start-up software company
in Calgary that made an Electronic Patient Record. The
company grew, and he represented it at conferences in
Canada and the U.S. for 20 years. After he retired from
medicine and the company, he traveled for two years in
a 36-foot trailer. He settled in Arizona. He loves technology and spends his spare time doing presentations.



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