March 2016 Program

 General Meeting Program
March 8, 2016

Technology in a Social Context

Presented by: Glenn L. DeVoogd, PhD,
Associate Dean for the College of Education
at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Professor DeVoogd uses technology (computer systems) to explore social interactions between students, educators and other professionals to enhance teaching and build relationships. He is focused on understanding literacy and making it central to student’s development. This research-based approach uses technology to augment learning and social experiences. Dr. DeVoogd sees a bridge between building personal relationships and achieving educational objectives. How realistic is this approach? His research explores this question with his goal being to discover if there is a valid connection between the personal and academic spheres.

After teaching school for 15 years, Dr. DeVoogd served as professor and chair of literacy instruction at the Kremen School of Education and Human Development at CSU Fresno for 15 years before moving to his current position. He has over 25 publications in the areas of technology in education and reading instruction, including the best selling book, Critical Literacy: Enhancing Student Comprehension of Texts.


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