April 2018 Program

Digital Camouflage Using Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Speaker: Joe Melfi, Consultant

Joe Melfi

How do we keep the curious and the devious from seeing our activity while using the internet? We all need to protect critical information like passwords, account logins, and other private info. Web surfing and emails could be more vulnerable to snooping than most people know, especially when using public Wi-Fi! We’ll discuss the best way to help make your data unreadable and untraceable.

Who Should Be Using VPN?

  • Anyone in public… Free/Paid Wi-Fi at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, hotels, etc.
  • Mobile users and travelers that may need to use unknown networks
  • Home users for security and privacy

Topics include: Focus on VPN solutions, how it works, types available, apps and software, devices and hardware, free versus pay options, and caveats and compromises (nothing is perfect).

Meet Our Presenter

Joe Melfi is a Strategic Technical Marketing Engineer in Southern CA. He is experienced in the Internet of Things, the cloud, networking, industrial automation, home automation, and semiconductor solutions. He was a college instructor and a technical trainer and has traveled to companies around the world. Joe is a die-hard tech enthusiast and builder, and he often presents at user groups and industry events.

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