November 2015 Program

General Meeting Program
November 10, 2015

College and Career Readiness Through the Use of Technology
Presenters: Megan “25 Dreams” Faux & Dr. Mary Frances Spruce

Have you heard the term” Common Core?” Have you wondered what impact this term
would have on you or your child? Are you curious about the upcoming, mandatory
digital requirements for students? If so, this is the workshop for you. Many states
across the country have adopted a new set of standards, entitled the Common Core
State Standards. These standards were developed for the purpose of producing a
college- and career-ready scholar. These standards are more rigorous than the
preceding standards. These standards focus on collaboration, creativity, critical
thinking and communication. Megan Faux and Dr. Spruce will expose participants to:
· The expectations of the 21st Century Learner
· English Language Arts & Math Common Core Standards for High School Students
· The technological and digital implications for students
· What it takes for students to become college and career ready.


Speaker: Megan “25 Dreams” Faux

Megan is an educator, author, songwriter and edu-cational consultant. She is the founder and CEO of 25 Dreams Educational Media, whose mission is to create events that inspire young minds to dream, to obtain and to sustain their dreams. She’s the creator of the Multiply In Minutes with Multiplication Nation Program for students struggling with multiplication, and is the author of Red Flags Purple Ribbons, an abuse prevention guide. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Speaker: Dr. Mary Frances Spruce

Mary is an experienced, passionate educator who works with people to accomplish both educational and professional goals. She is an accomplished film executive with several years of experience in development and production. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. in Performing Arts, a master’s degree from Howard in Communications, a masters from New York University in New York, NY in Film and Television, a master’s degree in Education with a teaching credential from Argosy University, and a doctorate from Phillips Graduate Institute in Organizational Management and Consulting in Chatsworth, California. Mary is currently a literacy instructional coach for secondary schools in the Inglewood Unified School District. She is developing an academy of performing arts for teens with a focus on teaching writing through film studies, film and television production and several arts related subjects.

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