Sept 2016 Program


Smart Phones –
Swiss Army Knives for Keeping Your Data Handy
Speaker: Bill James Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Bill James will describe, via Skype, how to make use of all of the features of your smartphone. The smartphone is a device that can do many of the tasks traditional-ly done on your PC. It just takes the right apps and a different mindset to make the device work for you. Individuals have been able to adapt to using a smartphone where other devices are impossible due to a physical disability. This presentation will demonstrate things that make the smartphone more than just a telephone.
You’ll learn more about:
 Online Banking
 Controlling other devises within your home
 Note Pad
 Viewing files using Cloud Storage
 Finding Apps
Bill is VP of Operations and newsletter editor for the Comput-er Club of Oklahoma City. He is an APCUG Region 8 Advi-sor. He is the VP and Parade Coordinator of the Oklahoma Mustang Club, a member of Toastmasters, and is on the board of the North Care Center, a social services facility. He retired from the FAA as a Supply Systems Analyst







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