Sept 2017 Program

Picking the Best Backup Approach

Gene Barlow, User Group Relations
 Gene BarlowGene Barlow will speak to us via Skype. He will explain the easiest and best methods to create and maintain backups that will both save your data and make it much easier to restore your system if your hard drive crashes or your computer or device is wrecked or stolen.

Gene has been selling Acronis backup software at a discount to User Group members for many years. He will give us a software prize for a lucky LACS member who attends.

Gene has worked with computer systems for over 50 years and has specialized in backup technology and hard drive utilities for the past 20 years. He can make a complex topic easy for everyone to understand, yet still provide lots of details that you need to know. He is one of the most popular presenters to User Groups and has presented to thousands of user group audiences. You will find his presentations easy to understand and very interesting.

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