Additional mail list tools with a Yahoo ID!

  • Posting from an alternate address – You have an option to post a message to a Yahoo! Groups hosted mail list from an email address other then one where you receive your messages, Click Here. On the page you get after signing-in, click on the “Edit” link on the right under “Options”. You will be asked to validate this address.
  • Changing your mail delivery address – To change the address where you get your mail list messages, use the link above to add the address where you wish to get your mail. Then when done Click Here.
    If you change your e-mail address, please let us know changes@lacspc.org.
  • Account Bouncing – If you aren’t getting your mail list messages, Yahoo! Groups may have temporarily disabled your account. Why? Because a group message sent to your email address was returned as undeliverable (“bouncing”). One common reason is that your mail box is full. When your account is disabled, any message you send will be rejected.
    When your account is disabled, Yahoo! Groups tries later to see if your address is still bouncing messages. After a few unsuccessful tries they send you a message with a link. When you reply to the message or click on the link, your account will be reactivated shortly.

    With a Yahoo! ID you can reactivate your account by going to the following link, Click Here. Find the e-mail address where you get your LACS mail list messages; under Bounce History click the link and follow the directions.