May 2017 Program

Exploring the Internet

Two Movie Websites
Presenter: Jim McKnight
LACS Director

Jim McKnight

Exploring the Internet
Speakers: Two Movie Websites, Jim McKnight, LACS
Travel Websites – Part 1, Stephanie Nordlinger, LACS
This will be the first of a number of programs given mostly
by our members on the general topic of “Exploring the In
ternet.” A lot of the “action” is not in new hardware or new
software; it is in what you can learn by exploring the inter
net. While our speakers will show you specific websites and
provide guidelines for searching, we expect the audience to
have relevant questions and experiences to share. To make
the podcasts on the LACS website more useful, each contrib
uting audience member must use a microphone.
Our speakers have decades of experience using PCs and
other devices to access the internet. They both have often
held LACS offices and directorships. Jim sets up and runs
our equipment at meetings, leads the Daytime SIG and has
serviced or repaired many members’ computers. Jim
worked for the IBM Corporation for 38 years and maintains
an outstanding website at

Travel Websites – Part I
Presenter: Stephanie Norlinger
LACS Vice President

Stephanie, our vice president, has been a lawyer in Los
Angeles for many years.

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