October 2015 Program

General Meeting Program
October 13, 2015

New Trends in Social Media
Kathy Jacobs, Software Enthusiast, Tester/Writer/Presenter

Kathy Jacobs a member of the Los Angeles Computer Society has been a software tester and writer for many years. Wondering what there is to social media besides Twitter and Facebook? Want to know what’s new, what works, what doesn’t? This presentation is made for you! Kathy will talk about the latest in apps and sites for social sharing, including:

  • Facebook & Twitter – 2015 trends
  • Instagram – what is it and why should I care
  • Pinterest – sharing your internet finds one image at a time
  • Snapchat – connecting you to the world
  • Hashtags – how they have grown and what they mean now
  • Events – social sharing sites and how to use them
  • Video sharing – new apps and tools
  • Audio sharing – podcasting is back – learn why
  • Security – how to keep your info secure in the social
    sharing world
  • Data – social media & data can tell stories you won’t learn
    any other way 

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